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A Typical Day of Fishing in Florida

Frequently, we are asked “what can I expect when we go fishing.” In Stuart, Florida, each time we go fishing we expect to catch fish and to have an enjoyable day on the ocean.

Prior to your trip, we will tell you what we have been catching during the last few days and we will make you aware of any conditions that we think might hamper your enjoying the day of fishing.

When you arrive at the dock, the boat will be clean and the tackle will be ready for fishing and there will be enough ice in our cooler for your food and drinks as well as the fish we will catch. We prefer that you leave your cooler at the dock so we have as much room as possible to move around the boat when we are catching fish.

Bring plenty of sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat or visor, and enough clothes to cover up from the sun. Always wear soft sole shoes (no black soles). Most important - do not forget your camera so that we can record your catch. There is plenty of dry storage for your gear on the boat.

When you get aboard will you notice that there is plenty of room for up to 6 anglers to fish comfortably. You will probably find the state of the art electronics and other gear we have on the boat fascinating. When you get aboard you will be provided a quick orientation so that you know where everything is located including the safety gear, the head, etc.

After leaving the dock you will realize that the boat is fast and very stable. It is a short and enjoyable trip down the river and through the inlet. At times the inlet can be a little choppy. This choppy condition normally lasts for only a couple of minutes until we are in the ocean.

When live bait is available, shortly after clearing the inlet we will attempt to catch some "greenies" or whatever is available so that we have live bait for the day. We catch live bait using Sabiki rigs on spin tackle. Catching bait normally takes just a few minutes to have enough bait for the day.

After catching bait, we will be on our way to deeper water where we are looking for conditions that are favorable to catching fish. If live bait is not available we run offshore and begin fishing with the baits and lures we have prepared for your fishing trip.

When sea conditions permit, the boats in our fleet are able to cover several miles of ocean in just a few minutes. This is a real advantage when we hear the bite is on and we want to participate in the action. Normally, we are fishing within a few minutes of either catching bait or clearing the inlet.

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