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Dolphin Fishing on Florida’s East Coast

Dolphin (aka Mahi-Mahi) are truly the perfect gamefish. When the schools of Dolphin are found they aggressively attack the baits. When they are hooked they put on an impressive show with spectacular jumps while stripping lots of line from the reel. We catch Dolphin year round with the most active periods being Spring and Fall.

Spring Dolphin fishing is excellent with the best time being April, May and June. These are normally larger fish than those we catch during the Fall and the action during the Spring can be exceptional allowing anglers to catch their limit easily.

We catch Dolphin a number of different ways including the traditional method of trolling ballyhoo and/or lures in areas where it is likely you will find Dolphin. At times we are able to cast live and cut bait when the schools of Dolphin can be attracted to the boat.

As soon as the weather begins to cool the Fall run of Dolphin begins. It is common for some exceptional Dolphin fishing to occur from early October through mid-December. This is also when the large pods of Sailfish begin to migrate to our area.

During the Fall Dolphin run, at times we are able to switch to 12 pound spin tackle when the schools of Dolphin permit us to cast to them. This is exciting action and it is not uncommon to catch your limit of Dolphin. After catching all of the dolphin you want we focus the balance of the day on catching Sailfish, King Mackerel as well as several other species.

Slow trolling and drifting live bait are frequent options when conditions are favorable for using this approach. Regardless of the method that is used Dolphin are exciting to catch and provide great action for us during most of the year.

Often when we are trolling for Dolphin you are able to see the fish charge and strike the bait. Being able to witness the actual strike adds a higher level of excitement to this type of fishing.

Dolphin are an exceptional game fish that are exciting and fun to catch.

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