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Good, Steady Offshore Fishing Action

Report Date: September 26, 2003

During the last couple of weeks we have experienced good action on every trip.

A couple of days ago we fished northeast of the St. Lucie Inlet in 80 to 125 feet. We began our day by looking for live bait and after a fairly exhaustive effort were able to catch enough for the day. We started fishing in 80? of water where we hooked up a large King as we were putting out the first line?I just love it when it happens that way. That was followed by several more Kings?good steady action. We had caught a few Mullet before we left the dock and we decided to put one on our float rig. In just a few minutes a nice Dolphin was trying to catch the Mullet. As we hooked up the first Dolphin almost in sequence two other strikes and we were hooked up on three gaffer size Dolphin. After catching the Dolphin we continued fishing and experienced steady action. About noon I decided to run off shore to deeper water and look for an edge or weed line to troll for Dolphin. We got as deep as 800? and found a few small patches of weeds that we fished for a few minutes with no action. When we got deeper than 200? the ocean did not appear to have much life. After fishing the small patches of weed with no results we ran back to shallower water and finished our day by catching some Amberjacks and Kings.

On one of our trips several days ago we found catching enough bait for the day to be a difficult challenge. After working hard and covering several miles of ocean we were able to catch enough for the day. We started fishing off of the Jupiter Inlet in 80? of water and the King bite was excellent with plenty of action. We started the day with a west wind and about noon it moved to the north. Before long you could not buy a King bite. We were fortunate to move offshore a little and find a nice current edge where we were able to catch a Sailfish along with several other bites. During the last couple of hours we fished in this area the water turned green and dirty. We had a great day of fishing off of Jupiter but it was obvious that conditions were changing. The next morning we were greeted with a stronger north wind so we fished up north where we were able to catch a few nice Dolphin, some Kings, Bonitos and sharks.

Good luck and remember you can?t catch?em at the dock.

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