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Plenty of Rod Bending Action

Report Date: September 1, 2003

The fishing continues to be very good with lots of action from Amberjacks, Kings, Bonito, Sharks, a few Sailfish, Dolphin and Grouper. I have not caught a Wahoo recently however several people I know have targeted them and have been successful with a couple of fish over 60 pound reported. If rod bending action is your thing now is a great time to get offshore and do some fishing. Catching live bait continues to be very easy one day and extremely difficult the next. Regardless of how much effort it takes finding live bait is the key to an action filled day of fishing.

I also heard a report of some very good Dolphin action about 30 miles offshore. According to the information I received they found some very large Dolphin in good sized schools and were able to catch all the fish they wanted. To make one of these trips you need nice weather, calm seas and be lucky enough to find the condition that holds the Dolphin. Based on my experience about half of the time these trips work well. I am anxious for one of my customers to say lets give it a try!

The weather has been a bit challenging the last few days with fairly choppy seas and lots of storms. On Saturday we were greeted with choppy 4 to 5? ocean with gusty winds and an occasional rain shower. We started looking for bait just off the inlet where we found some but it was very difficult to catch. Finally we ran several miles north up the beach where we found enough bait for the day.

After spending more time catching bait that I like we moved offshore to 65? feet of water northeast of the inlet where we immediately found a non-stop King Mackerel bite. We caught several Kings along with a good number of Bonito and a Barracuda. None of the Kings were large so I decided to move south and offshore to about 125? of water. Again before we had two lines in the water we were greeted by a King bite that continued as long as we fished that area. At times the bite in this area was frenzied with a variety of fish. In addition to the Kings we were catching Bonito and Amberjacks whenever we could get outside the Kings. My crew was hoping for a Sailfish and I am sure we were in the right place however with all the Bonito and King action I am not sure the Sails were aggressive enough to get to our baits ahead of the other predators. Saturday was typical of the fishing we have been experiencing the last few weeks and is what we expect our fishing to be until the weather begins to change this fall.

Good luck and remember you can?t catch?em at the dock.

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