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Great Action from a Variety of Species

Report Date: August 8, 2003

Our fishing continues to be very good with great action from a variety of species. During the last couple of days we have caught Sailfish, King Mackerel, Amberjacks, Grouper, Sharks, Bonito, Barracuda and Almaco Jacks to name a few. If you enjoy nearly constant rod bending action now is a great time to go fishing. Live bait is the key and catching it can be challenging. We have been catching it in very shallow water along the beach at times and offshore in deeper water at other times?it is not consistent.

I had the opportunity to fish with one of my son?s and his family this week. It is always enjoyable for me to see my grandson?s enjoying the ocean nearly as much as I do. The fish were very cooperative with good action from Kings, Amberjacks and Bonito. One day we found a King bite that was excellent?it was one of those times you could drop a bait in the water and in just an instant you were hooked up. Great non-stop action! The next day we focused on catching some big Amberjacks and with some effort we were rewarded with a couple of fish near 50 pounds plus a bunch of smaller fish. Again the action was non-stop.

On a trip yesterday we started by catching bait?one day it is very easy to catch bait the next it is not. We have managed to catch enough bait each day but at times it is a challenge. We then ran offshore a few miles to an area that had been productive for us during the last few days. We started by catching a few Bonito, followed by a small Lesser Amberjack then some Kings. The morning proceeded with constant action from Bonito, King Mackerel, and Amberjacks (some of the Amberjacks we hooked were so big they were able to cut our lines in the wreck we were fishing). Finally we hooked up on a big fish that we pulled on for about 45 minutes. When it finally came to the boat we had an Amberjack in the 50+ pound range. We decided to move a little further offshore to an area where the bottom structure is very good. On our first drift across the area we hooked up a very large fish that we were never able to turn. That was followed by a nice Gag Grouper and another 50+ pound Amberjack. This was one of those days of nearly constant action from a variety of fish. Another great day of offshore fishing in Stuart, Florida!

While our thoughts are beginning to turn to the Dolphin action we expect to start in the next couple of months followed by the WINTER SAILFISH season the action we are experiencing now is about as good as it gets. If you enjoy constant rod bending action from a variety of species you should plan an offshore trip during the next couple of months.

Good luck and remember you can?t catch?em at the dock.

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