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Spring Newsletter - 2004

Report Date: March 6, 2004

Spring Newsletter ? It?s time to go FISHING!

Stuart, Florida ? the ?Sailfish Capital of the World?

The winter Sailfishing season has been exceptional. I can not recall a year where we have caught the number of Sailfish that we have this winter. Many days we were able to see 20+ fish and catch a good number of the fish we saw. Occasionally we had a day or two when the action slowed but overall it was very consistent and we caught record numbers of Sailfish.

If you are thinking about a Sailfishing trip NEXT winter now is the time to TENTATIVELY reserve the days you would like to fish. With the best of the Sailfish season being from mid-December through mid-February and with the most consistent bite occurring between early January and mid-February we are already getting requests for those dates.

During the last couple of years we have experienced an exceptional Sailfish bite all year. Even during the hot summer days we have been catching from 1 to 3 fish many days and have been seeing Sailfish nearly every day. The activity this winter along with the experience during the last couple of years gives me confidence that the upcoming SPRING and SUMMER fishing season will include good Sailfish activity.

Spring and Summer

Spring Cobia Action

Cobia?Beginning anytime we are expecting the manta-rays (?BATS?) to begin their migration past our coast which provides several weeks of exceptional COBIA action. This type of fishing includes hunting for the BATS then casting either jigs or live bait under the BAT which nearly always results in a COBIA attacking whatever you have thrown. These fish are usually between 30 and 80 pounds and on 20# spin tackle it is a challenge. When the migration of the BATS slows we then fish for COBIA on the wrecks and other areas where they seem to hold year after year. Not only are they exciting to catch they provide some great table fare.

Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi) ? This winter we have caught Dolphin on many of our trips which is consistent with our being able to catch Dolphin here in Stuart year round. The SPRING Dolphin season brings us the largest Dolphin with the peaks of the season from mid-April through early June. We catch Dolphin a number of different ways including the traditional method of trolling ballyhoo and/or lures in areas where you are likely to find Dolphin. At times we are able to cast live and cut bait when the schools of Dolphin can be attracted to the boat.

Slow trolling and drifting live bait are frequent options when conditions are favorable for using this approach. Regardless of the method that is used Dolphin are exciting to catch and provide great action for us during most of the year.
Often when we are trolling for Dolphin you are able to see the fish charge and strike the bait. Being able to witness the actual strike adds a higher level of excitement to this type of fishing.
Dolphin are an exceptional game fish that are exciting and fun to catch.

King Mackerel

King Mackerel (?Kingfish?) ?are available most of the year in our area. When fishing for Kingfish we utilize several methods to catch these fish. Most of the time we slow troll or drift live bait for Kingfish. When Kingfish are striking live baits they often leap out of the water providing the angler with a sensational show.
Kingfish make strong runs and are challenging to catch on light tackle. We also troll for Kingfish using lures and rigged baits at times. Most of the time when fishing for Kingfish we are also catching several other species of fish including Dolphin, Sailfish, Bonito, some Grouper, Snapper, Amberjack, Barracuda, plus many more.

During the Spring and Summer it is frequent that you can catch your limit of Kingfish in a fairly short period of time. These fish weigh from 10 to well over 40 pounds and they make the drags on the reels scream when they strike.


Other Fishing Opportunities?during the SPRING and SUMMER the fishing action also includes Swordfish, Amberjacks, Bonito, Grouper, Snapper, Sharks, etc.
SPRING and SUMMER provides exceptional action that at times is non-stop. If you are looking for an exciting and enjoyable day of offshore fishing now is the time to plan that trip for the Spring or Summer months.

We are currently booking trips for the SPRING and SUMMER on the following boats:

Fighting Lady ? 32? Luhrs Express (Capt. Ed Williams)

Pretty Woman ? 38? Rampage Express (Capt. Mike Resch)

Tide Runner ? 25? Parker (Capt. Pat Price)

Blackfin Tuna

All of the boats have the latest in safety equipment, state of the art electronics, have twin engines and they are fully equipped for fishing.

For reservations made prior to April 1 (for April ? August) we are offering SPECIAL CHARTER RATES for charters aboard the Pretty Woman. The charter rates are:

Fighting Lady ? half-day $385.00?full-day $585.00

Pretty Woman?half?day $425.00?full -day $625.00. The standard rates are $450.00 for a half-day and $695.00 for a full day.

Tide Runner? half-day $325.00?full-day $500.00. Inshore fishing for SNOOK, TARPON, etc. are available for $275.00 for a half-day and $400 for a full day.

All of the Captains who operate our boats are U. S. Coast Guard licensed, have years of experience, are extremely good fishermen and enjoy taking people fishing. Their job is to make your day of fishing one to remember.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like any additional information. We look forward to fishing with you one day soon.

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