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World Class Sailfish Action

Report Date: January 19, 2004

The Sailfishing action continues to be very good. Like all fishing we are experiencing some exceptional days as well as days where catching a few becomes more of a challenge. In addition to Sailfish the Dolphin action has been steady along with lots of Bonitos.

During the last couple of weeks we have had the pleasure of fishing with several anglers who had not had the opportunity to catch Sailfish. I believe in nearly every trip during the last couple of weeks we have caught someone their first Sailfish. It is always fun to see their expression when the hook is set and the Sailfish goes through his antics of running and jumping all over the ocean for a few minutes. If you have never had the experience it is hard to believe how fast they can move and how many times they can jump.

Another trophy Sailfish

On one recent trip we started our day by catching bait. Most days we have been able to catch live bait without much effort. After catching a bunch of Greenies we ran offshore to about 100? of water east of the Loran Tower. Before long we caught a Sail and jumped off another. As we continued fishing the bite slowed so we moved back inshore to 60? of water where we found some bait pods. For the first half-hour nothing happened so we decided to make another move. As we were pulling in the last bait a Sailfish charged in and ate the bait. This was one of the largest Sails I have seen here in years. After a longer than normal battle on 20 pound Spin tackle we were able to release the fish along side the boat. Rather than moving to another location we continued fishing that area for the balance of the day and were able to catch and release several more Sails. This is fairly typical of the action we have been experiencing during the last couple of weeks.

If catching a few Sailfish is something you have been thinking about doing now is the time to get out and make it happen.

Good luck and remember you can?t catch?em at the dock.

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